What is it About?

SportsPredictSocial is a steem blockchain dApp that allows users to make predictions about upcoming sport events and post to the blockchain for rewards. Sports enthusiasts all over the world have always been able to derive excitement and satisfaction from predicting the outcome of sports events correctly, regardless of the sport involved. It is a known fact that whenever there is an upcoming event in any sport, fans will line up and stake their money on whatever outcome they expect. The sports betting industry has grown to become a multibillion dollar industry with enough money flying around. When bettors place accumulator bets, they are bound lose money when one of the bets on their list of bets/predictions do not turn out true. This is bad for bettors and great for the bookmakers, the former loses the latter gains. SportsPredictSocial is modeled after traditional betting apps in terms creating a ticket containing a list of upcoming events and predicting. The distinctions between an actual betting app and SportsPredictSocial lies in the way users are being rewarded, SportsPredictSocial uses the power of the steem blockchain to ensure that users get rewarded on each prediction post they submit depending on the accuracy of their predictions.

User Rewards Explained

SportsPredictSocial is an affiliation project of SportsTalkSocial, this means that users of SportsPredictSocial will be rewarded with SPORTS tokens for their submitted predictions. Rewards allocated to each prediction post per user is going to be calculated based on the amount of correct predictions a user makes per post. For example, let’s say a user submits a prediction post and the post has predictions of 10 separate events. Each prediction in the post carries a score of 10% giving us a total of 100% for all predictions in the post. A prediction post of 5 events will have each prediction carrying 20% per prediction and so on. So for the first prediction post with 10 events, let’s assume a user gets only 4 predictions correctly, the user automatically gets a 40% score for that post and receives an upvote that aligns with their score for the post. Creating a prediction on SportsPredictSocial is free at the moment but in the future each prediction post will attract a small token. A very important note for users, all prediction post must have at least 5 events predicted. Prediction posts with less than 5 events will not be curated on the platform and might even get downvoted, this precaution was made in order to make sure that users don’t resort to spamming the blockchain with one event prediction posts.

Thanks for reading and welcome to a swell sporting experience. SportsPredictSocial